Aluminum Plate

1050 1060 5052 3003 aluminum sheet plate

We mainly produce 1000 Series aluminum sheet, 2000 Series aluminum sheet, 3000 Series aluminum sheet, 5000 Series aluminum sheet, 6000 Series aluminum sheet, 7000 Series aluminum sheet, 8000 Series aluminum sheet.
Alloy: 1050,1060,1100,3003,3004,5052,5754,5083,5005,6061,6063, 6082,7075,8011
Temper: O,H12,H14,H24,H32,H34,H36,H38,T4,T6,T651,T351,T5
Standard : ASTM B209 ,GB/T3880, EN485
Standard size: 4 x 8' , 1219 x 2438mm, 1250 x 2500mm, 1500mm x 3000mm
Finish: Mill finish, Embossed, Diamond, 5 / Five bars, 3 / three bars, Brite surface, Black, Golden, PVDF, Brushed
Aluminum sheet coils have many applications as below
1. Lighting decorations 2. Solar reflectors 3. Building appearance 4. Interior decoration: ceilings, walls, etc. 5. Furniture, cabinets 6. Elevators 7. Signs, nameplates, bags 8. Car interior and exterior decoration 9. Interior decorations: such as Photo frame 10. Household appliances: refrigerators, microwave ovens, audio equipment, etc. 11. Aerospace and military aspects, such as China’s large aircraft manufacturing, Shenzhou spacecraft series, satellites, etc. 12. Mechanical parts processing 13. Mold manufacturing 14. Chemical or insulation pipe coating. 15. High-quality ship board

Extruded aluminum Profiles

Aluminum extrusion profile are produced by pushing aluminum billets through a metal die to get the standard or custom shapes. We can produce extruded profiles with the weight per meter ranging from 0.10 Kg up to 50 Kg, the largest circle size is up to 650mm for industrial applications. With in-house surface finish processing capabilities, all of our aluminum profiles can be produced in mill finish, anodized or powder coated in desired colors.
Aluminum extrusion profile are mostly used in the construction and furniture sector, in the automotive field and in the transport industry. We can mention, for instance, aluminum borders with screw attachments, drainers and water deflectors, glazing extrusions, picture frames, trim profiles for vehicles, corner elements with special sections, aluminum handles and handrails
6061 6063 Aluminum profiles manufacturer TOP METAL MANUFACTURE from China. Aluminum profiles can be divided into 1024, 2011, 6063, 6061, 6082, 7075 and other alloy grades of aluminum profiles, of which 6 series is the most common. The difference between different grades is that the ratio of various metal components is different, except for commonly used aluminum profiles for doors and window
Industrial aluminum profiles are mostly developed according to the existing needs of users,Such as rail vehicle manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, etc.
Most industrial aluminum profiles have strict requirements on materials, performance, and dimensional tolerances.

Galvanized Steel Plate Coil

Galvanized Steel sheet is defined as a carbon steel sheet coated with zinc on both sides. Galvanized Steel Coil produce galvanized steel with two main processes: continuous hot dip galvanizing and electro galvanizing.
Specifications of Galvanized Steel Coils that We Can Provide :
1)Standard: JIS G3302 1998, ASTM A653M/A924M 2004, all according to the customer’s request
2)Grade:SGCC, SGCH,DX51D, Q195,Q235 all according to the customer’s request
3) Capacity: about 12000 tons per month
4) Thickness: from 0.13mm to 2mm, all available
5) Width: from 600mm to 1250mm, regular size:750-762mm,
900-914mm,1000mm,1200mm,1219-1250mm all available
6) Coil ID: 508mm
7) Coil weight: from 2-10MT, according to the customer’s request
8) Zinc coating weight: 40g/m2-275g/m2
9) Spangle: regular spangle,big spangle, small spangle and zero spangle
10)Surface: Chemical passivating, oils, passivating oils, skin passed
11) Edge: mill edge, cut edge
12) Min trial order 25 ton each thickness

  • Standard EN 10142EN 10147 DX51D+Z, DX52D+Z,DX53D+Z, SS250GD+Z, SS350GD+Z


  • ASTM A792M CS type C, CS type B, DS, SS250

  • Base Metal Cold rolled steel coils SPCC, SPCD, SPCE, DC01, DC03, DC04, CS, DS, DDS, Q195, Q250, Q350

  • Coil ID 508mm, 610mm

  • Zinc coating 40g/m2-275g/m2

  • Surface treating chromium free passivation, chromium passivation, fingerprint resistant, oiled

Galvanized steel Sheet coil

Galvanized Steel Coils are produced through a process of metal coating which involves passing cold rolled coils through a kettle containing molten zinc. This process ensures adhesion of Zinc to the surface of the steel sheet. The Zinc Layer provides excellent corrosion resistance and prolong service life. Hot dip galvanized products are widely used in household appliances, transport, container manufacturing, roofing, base material for pre-painting, ducting and other construction related applications

Cold Rolled Steel Coil

Cold Rolled steel coil sheet makes it ideal for use in many home appliances and metal furniture. Metal filing cabinets and school lockers are commonly made of this metal. In construction, Cold Rolled Steel is a common material for building steel sheds, industrial buildings, and garages

Cold Rolled steel Sheet coil
  • DC01,DC02,SAE1006 Cold Rolled Steel Sheet With Soft Commercial, Full Hard Quality

  • 1 Thickness: 0.15-3.0mm

  • 2 Width: 750-1010/1220/1250mm

  • 3 Length as per customer’s request.

  • 4 Steel Grade:SPCC, SPCD, SPCE, DC01, DC02, DC03, DC04, SAE 1006, SAE 1008 etc.

  • Soft commercial quality, Full hard quality or Deep Drawing quality.

DC01 steel (1.0330 material) is a European standard cold-rolled quality low-carbon steel flat product for cold forming. Note: DIN 1623 has been replaced by DIN EN 10130, and the designation ST12 has been replaced by DC01.
The main difference between hot and cold rolled steel is in how they are processed. Hot rolled steel is steel that has been rolled at high temperatures, while cold rolled steel is essentially hot rolled steel that is further processed in cold reduction materials
Because of its advantages over hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel is more expensive. Also, because cold rolled steel is tougher to manipulate, it’s takes more time and can cost more to take it through similar processes.